Friday, May 6, 2011

My new excuse!

So about a month a go I mentioned being sick.  What I would have liked to say is that I have been sooooo sick.  I wake up feeling sick, go to sleep feeling sick and feel sick every moment in between.  And I have been so tired that I can barely heave myself off of the couch to provide basic care for my family because.....I AM PREGNANT.  Yep, like on about day ten I realized I was pregnant.  So, the weight loss plans are going by the way sides for a while.  I am starting to feel better so I'll start eating healthy and exercising again, just not to the extreme that I had originally planned!  We are super happy and can't wait for November when our new little addition will be here!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Goal

I was recently reminded of just how many popsicles my kids can eat in a day.  Like a WHOLE bag! So I've decided to make a new goal for the Summer.  I will not, not, not buy any popsicles.  Crazy, you say? And why am I so passionate about an absence of popsicles you say?  Well for starters I love them and if they are in my freezer I will eat them.  Also, my kids, ff allowed would eat bags and bags of popsicles all summer long.  I have a weakness for them because they are soooo cheap.  Last Summer when they went on sale for .88 cents a bag I filled my freezer with them.  And Otter Pops, oh my, you can buy a box of those for practically nothing.  And what is in them sugar and artificial color, TERRIBLE! 

My six year old who is my worst eater is also the most crazy about popsicles, so my sneaky plan is that if the only kind of popsicles I have available are made with real fruit he will eventually eat them, right?  Knowing him maybe not, but still I'm stickin' to this.   The kids won't be banned from eating them.  If they have them at a friends house, family party, no problem.   I just won't be purchasing them.

Here are a few recipes I have found if anyone has any other great ideas or recipe for homemade, healthy popsicles, send them my way!!

Extra Sneaky Chocolate Breakfast Ice Cream
1 frozen banana, cut into pieces (about 1 cup)
2 Tb plain yogurt
1 Tb honey or sugar
1 ts unsweetened cocoa powder

*this is supposed to be super thick.  I don't think my blender (I don't have a really cool one or a food processor) would be able to handle something this thick.  I would add more yogurt or milk (and honestly more sugar) thinner would be OK because I am planning on freezing them in popsicle molds anyway.

Another one from the sneaky chef HERE

I've made the ones found HERE before with great results.

I also just plan on making my own wing it version with pureed fruit and  little sugar.  I'm honestly not too worried about the sugar.  I will be so happy that my six year old is eating fruit!!

Along with the recipes I need to decide what to do about the popsicles molds.  I have some really cheap ones (like dollar store cheap) and in the past I have just done small bathroom disposable cups with popsicle sticks.  I think I will invest in some better ones this summer.  Any suggestions on what to look for?

I'm also intrigued by the idea of using THESE.  They are actually for cake push ups but I wonder if I could use them for Popsicles or find some reusable type push-up Popsicle molds.  My kids LOVE push-pops!  I'll let you know what I find and try!