Monday, August 30, 2010

Operation sleep in your own bed update!

Wow! I can tell by the number of comments from my last post that there is a whole line of people waiting on the edge of their seat to hear how my week went.

S -(18 months), is rockin' the sleeping in his own bed thing! I have really stuck to my guns that poor kid has had to cry himself to sleep everynight and at every nap. He does still cry but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. Truthfully it has been so much better then I had ever expected.

C -(five), on the other hand, not doing so hot. We gave it a good try for the first few night but I'm afraid with him it will not work to go cold turkey. For five and a half years I have helped that kid go to sleep and then let him come in to bed with me each night, those are some hard habits to break. Sooooo, we are going to go with a more gentle solution. I am going to sleep on an air mattress in his room ( a method found here I know some of you (oh wait, I forgot nobody reads this blog!) may be thinking that this is a little pathetic and we need to just step up and be the parents and force him to sleep alone, but I after a lot of prayer and fasting (oh yeah, I seriously pray and fast about this, it is that BIG of an issue in our home!) I really feel good about this.

So now for weight loss, I have a plan stewing in my little brain but I don't have the time to spell it all out right now. So for now, off to a long to do list and maybe tomorrow I will spend a little therapy time blogging about my fat!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Jamie

Meet Jamie, she is the youngest of the six sisters. She is the one who suggested starting this blog and now has completely abandoned her wonderful sister Merrilyn in the weight loss blogging world. Jamie's weight problems are a manifestation of the current chaos in her life and she really needs to get things under control. Actually Jamie is going to stop referring to herself in the third person now because it is getting weird!

So yes, I must admit that this was my idea and I have posted nothing! But of course I have an excuse (um yes, I know that is why I am 40 lbs overweight, I always have an excuse)! I am at a point in my life where I am totally overwhelmed, we had our third child almost eighteen months ago and I feel like I have been in a child induced coma since then, I just can't seem to get it together! It didn't help that shortly after I had my baby my family went through a HUGE crisis, and food is so my drug of choice to deal with stress and depression!

So here I am fat and with an out of control life. What am I going to do now? Well, there are a few things that I feel I have to address before I can focus on weight loss, the first one is SLEEP. I happen to have two darling boys who are five and 18 months they love me so much that they want to be with me twenty four hours a day, including waking up every few hours to make sure that we are still together. Seriously, I think people think that I am exaggerating when I say I get up 3-4 times (honestly, sometimes more) every night. But when you have two kids that each get up two times a night it really is that much! Then add in that they wake up their sister who is usually a great sleeper but is beginning to feel that there is a great injustice when she has to sleep in her room while everyone else sleeps in mom and dad's room (oh yeah, you read that right, they don't just get up in the night they sleep WITH me)! It is a BIG problem and I am tackling it this week. SO I won't bore you with the details I will just tell you that there is going to be a lot of crying going on in our house this week. But I am at my breaking point this has GOT TO GET BETTER!

So this week all that is on the agenda is SLEEP, and I'm afraid that is all I can handle! Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

So sad

Did I really just eat FOUR fudge covered Oreos in the last ten minutes??....Yes, yes, I did. UUUUGGG, not good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

No Comment I know I said I was going to update a week ago and I didnt, but I have a good reason for that...........I didnt want to. Ok, so I know that is not a good reason but it's the only one I have. Because when I weighed myself last week I had GAINED 1.5 pounds. Ya, I was slightly annoyed. I had even exercised REALLY well that week. I exercised everyday. In fact, there were several days when I was doing the wii fit after midnight because after everyone went to bed was the only time I could do it, and I still gained. Now, I could pretend that that I just added 1.5 pounds of muscle but we all know that is total crap. I know good and well that the reason I gained was because of all the junk I put into my mouth. I am not sure why I have so much trouble with not stuffing junk food into my body every chance I get....what is wrong with me!?!?!?! :)

So, anyway, that is why I didnt blog last week. I did consider doing a really heartfelt emotional post or even a funny one but truthfully I was just too annoyed to be heartfelt or funny.

OK, rant over. I am starting fresh today. Even though I havent done good yet, I am not giving up. I did do a few good things this past week. I joined 24 hour fitness because I have found that it's just too hard to try to exercise with the little ones so if I have the chance to go get rid of them for an hour it makes it worth it. I also have kinda been trying to record what I eat...I still need to get better however. (oh and here's your laugh for the day....when I met with the 25 year old personal trainer who showed me some exercises and showed me around the gym, he told me I reminded him of his MOTHER. YA. I wanted to punch him. He did save himself a punch in the mouth by telling me that I was stronger than most of the 22 year old he sees however......I told him that is what carrying around a 25 pound diaper bag all day will do).

Well, I am off the gym. We'll see if I have "no comment" next week...hopefully no.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It Starts Today

While talking with my sister, Jamie, about the fact that I had a bad summer when it comes to my health, she had the great idea to start a blog where we list how we are doing with our healthy eating and exercise. Soooo, I decided that there is no better time than the present! So, I put the blog together last night and decided to start trying TODAY to be more healthy! I have invited all my sisters to blog authors because, even though they are all BEAUTIFUL, I figure everyone can use support in being the healthiest they can be!

So starting today these are my goals for the next month:
Exercise 4 times a week
Record Everything I eat
Eat a fruit or veggie with every meal
Stop Eating after 8pm

My long term goal is to loose 15-20 lbs by December. If I make it, I plan to splurge on a nice pair of jeans (no more cheap ones for me!)

Nothing too drastic. I am not trying to loose too much, too fast. I just really want to get healthy and I ESPECIALLY want to set a better example for my children. So far, so good. I already did 1.25 hours on the wii fit and I haven't eaten any junk today. YAY! The only downside was that when I weighed myself on the wii fit I had gained 4.4 lbs in the last two months (that is what happens when you spend six weeks out of the last 9 weeks on vacations...oh well!) So, wish me luck and I will let you know in a week how I did!