Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 14

I missed my workout on Saturday but I'm not going to beat myself up about it becucase even with that last workout in these 14 days I've exercised a total of 660 min.  That is GREAT for me!
Today I really didn't want to exercise but I did it anyway. 
I'm learning to put my health as a priority.  I exercised during my two year old's nap today.  In that past I would have never given a precious hour of nap time away to exercise but I'm changing my priorities.  Sometimes my kids might have to wait for something until I've finished my workout, my toddler has sat by my feet and cried through the last few minutes of a workout and they've been just fine. 
I still need to change my eating habits and make eating better a priority but for now I'm just focusing on exercise.  Baby steps. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jane Fonda is awesome!

 I was in an exercise slump today.  I really did not want to do anything, but thankfully I've committed to seeing this 60 min thing through so I did finally force myself to do it.  I decided to stick this little gem in the VCR (we totally still have VHS!)   I have had this Jane Fonda video and step for close to 20 years.  I asked for this one year for my Birthday when I was in Junior High.  I remember my mom kept asking if that was really what I wanted, and oh yes, it was!  After this many years I don't think I will ever have the heart to get rid of this thing.  I haven't done the workout in a loooong time but it all came back to me.  It is amazing after doing a video so many times you know it by heart no matter how many years it has been. And really, step aerobic moves haven't changed all that much in 20 years.  The basic step, over the top, straddles and three knee repeaters are timeless.
Here are some photos I took for your enjoyment.  LOVE the leotards and flesh colored tights!
In this one below I was trying to get a shot of this lady who has a pretty skimpy back.  I don't care how thick your flesh colored tights are I do so not want to be behind someone in step class wearing a thong on! And Merri, I think that might be you in the back there in the purple.  I'm pretty sure that is what your hair looked like in 1992. :)
And the last one is of some other winners I have sitting on my shelf anyway.  I got these beauties at the DI not too long ago.   Why?  Becuase they were $1.  I need help.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 7

I've logged 365 Minutes of exercise for a calorie burn of 3,080 (as calculated by  Not a bad first week! :)

Baking Day

I've been trying to make my grocery dollar stretch a little farther and feed my family healthier foods.  Really the only way I can figure to do this is make more things from scratch at home.  And thus, baking day was born.  For this instalment of baking day the agenda was, whole wheat pancakes, Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, and Banana Bread.  And the results:

I made Zonya's recipe for banana bread found HERE, this we will eat this week for after school snacks. I probably won't freeze any of it.

The chocolate chip cookie bars recipe also came from Zonya, go HERE if you want it.  These will go into the freezer for treats in my nine year olds lunch.  They do have a lot of sugar in them so they really are more of a treat but apparently it is totally dorky not to bring a treat in your home lunch.  Really you may as well just give up on ever having a life if you are that big of a loser that you can't even bring a treat in your lunch.   So this will be better than a Hostess snack cake (although I'm sure it does not carry the same amount of trading power)! 

And for the pancakes, I made half using my usual pancake recipe but replacing half of the white flour with whole wheat and cutting the oil called for down by a lot (like more that half). The other half I used a new recipe called, Whole Wheat Fluffy Pancakes.  They definitely taste like 100% whole wheat but I think my family could get used to them.  We do already eat 100% whole wheat bread so it's not that much different.  The pancake recipes are from cook books so I don't have a link for them but if anyone wants them I will add them to the site.  Obviously most the pancakes will be going into the freezer.
 And the totals: 2 loaves of banana bread
                        24 chocolate chip cookie bars
                        32 pancakes

Last week I made some frozen roll dough as well.  I just use a basic roll recipe with whole wheat flour.  After I shape the rolls and before they rise I set them on a pan to freeze, when they are frozen I take them off put them in a baggie and voila, my own frozen roll dough. 

And this is what your toddler and your kitchen look like after baking day!  At one point I looked over and he was pouring salt from the salt container all over the floor.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pizza Dough Recipe

I'm sooooo  excited to try this pizza dough recipe made with purred white beans.  We LOVE pizza at our house and I usually do make my own crust.  I don't mind putting some whole wheat flour in it but there is just something about white pizza crust that whole wheat just doesn't offer.  I'm hoping this will help up the fiber and protein but still offer the traditional yumminess!  I already have meals planned for this week so I won't be making it for at least a week. but when I do you will be the first to know!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1

It begins today, March 1, 2011.  Jamie's own P90X program which involves :60 min. of intense exercise six days a week.  Lots of lean protein, I'm shooting for  135 grams a day.  No more than 150 grams carbs a day and at least 64 oz. of water a day.  What I'm not doing is weighing myself often.  If the scale is not moving it just gets too depressing and I give up.  Giving up is not an option.  I as sick of living like this, I am sick of being obese, sick of being too tired to fully enjoy my kids, sick of being the "heavy girl" when I am am with a group of women.  Of course no one says this but it is the truth!   I will see this through for the next 90 days!!

These pictures are horrifying, especially this last one!  I can't wait to see the progress in this side shot at my thirty day check point!!  Wish me luck, and please if you are reading this comment!  I need your support! 
               (I know I sound desperate, but these pictures say it all, I am desperate!)

Who needs Cardio X?

Cardio X Shmardio X, I can totally do P90X without it.  I've decided for now I will go ahead and do two days of my own intense cardio for 60 min to replace the Cardio X DVD I am missing and do the plyometrics Dvd in place of the Core Synergistics (or whatever it was called) DVD that I am missing.

Honestly if I am doing ANYTHING for 60 min. 6 days a week as opposed to  what I am doing now which is NOTHING I think I will see results!