Monday, February 28, 2011

Why oh why are the fates determined to keep me FAT?

Today was going to be the day.  The day I start P90X, my journey to a hot ripped bod!  I borrowed the DVDs from a friend, got a schedule off of the Internet and got my self all excited by watching "Get Ready to BRING it"!  I was so ready to BRING it people, which is saying something because there is A LOT of me to bring. 

Anyway, I ended up being up all night with a sick baby, grrrr, makes it hard to get up and go for it but still I was committed.  So I went to pop in the Core Synergistics DVD that the schedule said to do on Day 1......... but it actually ended up being the Stretch DVD.   So I think maybe I will just do the cardio DVD instead...can't find that one either.  (BTW, if my friend Sam is reading this, I totally don't blame you, after all I am getting to use your P90X DVDs for FREE!  So really instead of complaining I should be thanking you, but unfortunately I'm in a complaining mood!)  

Do I give up? NO!  I think I will just put in one of my other workout DVD's, so I stick in The Firm 500 calorie workout.  It is an hour long so I figure it will do.  My almost two year old has other ideas.  After I almost accidentally kick him in the head because he keeps getting in my way I decide to just go for a walk/run with him in the stroller.  Pull out the jogging stroller, blow off the dust and try to find the tire pump.  No where to be found, OK, instead I will just do the tires with the big, noisy pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car....except too bad it seems to be broken!!!!

AGHHHH, but this time I am frustrated, angry, and discouraged  and it is 10:00 a.m.  After trying to exercise all morning I just give up. I Plop myself down on the couch and watch Good Things Utah.  And to end off my bad morning it was a stupid show to boot!  They made lamb in the kitchen (really ? who cooks lamb)  talked about the Oscar's ( I don't really care) and they had a segment on getting your kids into Hollywood (because really, don't we all have the next Justin Beiber?) 

Why does losing weight have to be so hard!!!????

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