Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1

It begins today, March 1, 2011.  Jamie's own P90X program which involves :60 min. of intense exercise six days a week.  Lots of lean protein, I'm shooting for  135 grams a day.  No more than 150 grams carbs a day and at least 64 oz. of water a day.  What I'm not doing is weighing myself often.  If the scale is not moving it just gets too depressing and I give up.  Giving up is not an option.  I as sick of living like this, I am sick of being obese, sick of being too tired to fully enjoy my kids, sick of being the "heavy girl" when I am am with a group of women.  Of course no one says this but it is the truth!   I will see this through for the next 90 days!!

These pictures are horrifying, especially this last one!  I can't wait to see the progress in this side shot at my thirty day check point!!  Wish me luck, and please if you are reading this comment!  I need your support! 
               (I know I sound desperate, but these pictures say it all, I am desperate!)


  1. I know you that you can do this!

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  3. OK! I'm seriously impressed! I'm definitely going to follow your blog because I love it, -you are hysterical- and for my own motivation. I'm still trying to lose the last of my baby weight - I know, I know, I don't have tons to lose - but I have realized that I've reached the point in my life, -age- that if I don't lose it I probably never will. And, then I will probably just add to it with future kids.
    I'm health conscious, but I'm not the best eater (I have a TOTAL sweet tooth or 28 of them) - I have always pretty much eaten what I wanted BUT have always ran a lot (Luckily I actually love to run) - but now with two kids, I'm not really running at all anymore! - Even though I really want to. 5am seems to be about the only way to get consistent exercise - and I can't quite get myself there. SO - I definitely need to start eating better.
    A blog is a great way to make yourself accountable! Good job for being brave and taking the time to do it. You said you wanted comments - So, I will support you with a plethora of them! ;)

  4. Wow you are a beautiful and inspiring woman!! Seriously I am so impressed with your dedication and determination. AWESOME!! I am your newest stalker and look forward to your continual inspiration -- Let's face it we ALL need it!