Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back

I know I havent posted lately and that is because I really didnt know what to say. After I posted a few weeks ago about losing 6 pounds, I ended up weighing myself a week later and it showed that I hadnt lost ANYTHING after all...SOOOO Annoying! I am not sure why it showed I had lost so much on that day (was I dehydrated?) but I do know that I have weighed myself several times since then and it definitely shows I didnt loose that much.

Truthfully, for a couple of weeks I got really negative about the whole thing and it put me in an all-around bad mood. However, this week I have felt a lot better. I am really trying to focus on all the REALLY GREAT CHANGES I HAVE MADE IN MY LIFE THE LAST TWO MONTHS!!! I have decided to try to not weigh myself all that much for the next little while. Instead, I plan to focus of continuing to make positive changes and be the most healthy I can possibly be. I actually, truly think my body "wants" to be at this weight (unfortunately). I had lost about 20 lbs of baby weight over the last year and now my body want to stay here. I think the fact that I am still nursing my baby (at night) makes my body even more certain that it needs a little "padding" so it can be able to feed the baby just in case of famine! (I know some of you think that nursing should make it even easier to loose weight but unfortunately that is not how my body works..I have had four babies and my hormones affect me in a way that makes me want to hold on to the flab! UUUGGGG! :)

So, even though the scale doesnt want to are a few thing I have to be proud of:

  • I have been consistently exercising 5 days a week (and I have been pushing myself hard too...some of my new favorites are the 30 Day Shred DVD and the Strength and Endurance Training classes at my gym
  • I have been consistently journaling my food and I have focused on increasing my "healthy" food while lowering my overall calorie intake. I have also stopped snacking at night (for the most part anyway! :)
  • I have been setting a good example for my kids
  • I have increased my water intake
  • I have noticed a change in my body and my clothes are fitting MUCH better (even though the scale isnt moving! )
So, for now, I am ignoring the scale! And, I am done feeling sorry for myself!

Oh, and, here are a couple of articles I found helpful during my pitty party! Maybe they can help someone else too!

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  1. I think you are amazing even if the stupid scale is not moving! I gave up for the last week or so so I reallly don't want to get on the scale because I probably gained back the three that I lost! :( I'm back in it this week though! Positive thinking!!!!