Friday, January 14, 2011

Baking Day-Take One

Today I attempted my first "Baking Day".  Pretty much the idea was to make a whole bunch of healthy snacks and portion them into individual servings.  Then I can quickly pop a delicious and nutritious snack out of the freezer for my family to enjoy.  Here is what I made:

*Monkey Bars (recipe found here)
*Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies (recipe found here)
*Breakfast in a Cookie (recipe found here)
*Chex Mix (recipe found here)

And here are the results:

Monkey Bars-the kids liked them.  I thought the texture was gross and mushy.  I'm not sure if I under baked them or maybe it is the mixture of applesauce and bananas but I will defiantly experiment with them again seeing as my kids liked them.  I'm hoping with some tweaks I can get it better because it is super healthy.

Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies-these I have made before and we all like them.  I'm not gonna lie to you, they are not your Grandma's chocolate chip cookies but....they have whole wheat four and no oil or butter. :)

Breakfast in a Cookie-this was my major flop.  I made the full batch (which makes SIXTY cookies) and they were super gross!  I think they will be making their way over to my dad's house.  Because my kids will tell you, "Grandpa will eat anything!"

Chex Mix-this is my daughters fav so there were no surprises here.

Grand totals:

28 Monkey Bars
24 Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
60 Breakfast Cookies (honestly I didn't bother to count)
10 individual bags of Chex Mix

(notice how I didn't even bother to clean up the monkey bars smashed on the table by my one year old?  Just keepin' it real folks.)

Stay tuned for Baking Day-take two!

*Update: Breakfast in a cookie not as bad as I thought the second day.  They seem to get better over time. (Although not good enough to make them again.)

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