Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It Starts Today

While talking with my sister, Jamie, about the fact that I had a bad summer when it comes to my health, she had the great idea to start a blog where we list how we are doing with our healthy eating and exercise. Soooo, I decided that there is no better time than the present! So, I put the blog together last night and decided to start trying TODAY to be more healthy! I have invited all my sisters to blog authors because, even though they are all BEAUTIFUL, I figure everyone can use support in being the healthiest they can be!

So starting today these are my goals for the next month:
Exercise 4 times a week
Record Everything I eat
Eat a fruit or veggie with every meal
Stop Eating after 8pm

My long term goal is to loose 15-20 lbs by December. If I make it, I plan to splurge on a nice pair of jeans (no more cheap ones for me!)

Nothing too drastic. I am not trying to loose too much, too fast. I just really want to get healthy and I ESPECIALLY want to set a better example for my children. So far, so good. I already did 1.25 hours on the wii fit and I haven't eaten any junk today. YAY! The only downside was that when I weighed myself on the wii fit I had gained 4.4 lbs in the last two months (that is what happens when you spend six weeks out of the last 9 weeks on vacations...oh well!) So, wish me luck and I will let you know in a week how I did!

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