Monday, August 16, 2010

No Comment I know I said I was going to update a week ago and I didnt, but I have a good reason for that...........I didnt want to. Ok, so I know that is not a good reason but it's the only one I have. Because when I weighed myself last week I had GAINED 1.5 pounds. Ya, I was slightly annoyed. I had even exercised REALLY well that week. I exercised everyday. In fact, there were several days when I was doing the wii fit after midnight because after everyone went to bed was the only time I could do it, and I still gained. Now, I could pretend that that I just added 1.5 pounds of muscle but we all know that is total crap. I know good and well that the reason I gained was because of all the junk I put into my mouth. I am not sure why I have so much trouble with not stuffing junk food into my body every chance I get....what is wrong with me!?!?!?! :)

So, anyway, that is why I didnt blog last week. I did consider doing a really heartfelt emotional post or even a funny one but truthfully I was just too annoyed to be heartfelt or funny.

OK, rant over. I am starting fresh today. Even though I havent done good yet, I am not giving up. I did do a few good things this past week. I joined 24 hour fitness because I have found that it's just too hard to try to exercise with the little ones so if I have the chance to go get rid of them for an hour it makes it worth it. I also have kinda been trying to record what I eat...I still need to get better however. (oh and here's your laugh for the day....when I met with the 25 year old personal trainer who showed me some exercises and showed me around the gym, he told me I reminded him of his MOTHER. YA. I wanted to punch him. He did save himself a punch in the mouth by telling me that I was stronger than most of the 22 year old he sees however......I told him that is what carrying around a 25 pound diaper bag all day will do).

Well, I am off the gym. We'll see if I have "no comment" next week...hopefully no.

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  1. You are doing better than me. I have not even started yet, I keep telling myself when school starts next week I will get serious! Thats exciting that you joined a gym. Honestly I know I work out alot more when I have a gym membership but I am just so cheap I keep telling myself that I can totally do it on my own and use the gym money for somethign else.