Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ya'll Ready For This!

Are we so excited girls?  January first is almost upon us and we get to make that ever popular obligatory weight loss goal!  I'm super stoked because I need some motivation and a new year really does it for me (for at least a week that is).  Actually I'm mostly excited because I found THIS This is by far the best price I have found on the Metabolic Reset shakes I love so much.  I give these shakes five stars.  I like the taste better than other ones I have tried and they really do fill you up AND when I was really working at weight loss they worked!  I'm having a big old tub of this protein powder shipped to my house once a month for $17.84.  The same size sells at Smiths for $34.99 and at Smiths Market Place for $39.99 (I know, rip off!), and they don't even carry them at walmart.   My exercise plans for the new year?  Jillian Michael's thirty day shred to start me off and then P90X (I'm borrowing from a friend, you know I'm too cheap to buy it).  I'm hoping by May to see some serious results!  Good luck to you and may the weight loss force be with you!

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  1. Oooh...I gotta order me some more Metabolic Reset too..I LOVE them with bananas and crushed ice and then mixed in the blender till the consistency of soft serve ice cream...YUMMY!

    I agree when I was ACTUALLY USING them they worked great! :) Too bad the holidays hit so hard!...oh well! that is what January first is for, right!?!?! :)

    I have some new ideas for the new year too. I will share them in a post soon. LOVE YA!