Monday, November 15, 2010

So depressed

Really people, all that good attitude and motivation from a week or so ago, gone. This last week has involved soooo much stress from extended family, messy unorganized house, too many bills not enough money, a sick husband, out of control kids, a five year old that doesn't sleep (seriously, I was up every two hours the last two nights, don't bring up this post here, it is just too depressing). There, rant over, now I go to sit on the couch and watch my daytime Utah shows!

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry....I am right there with ya..the family things is OUT OF CONTROL!

    I alos had TONS of motivation at the start of last last for like all of a day! :)

    Dont give up though. We can both do it. I know you said on my last post that you were jelous of me........DONT BE! :) I started a diet over three months ago and I have YET to loose even one pound. I am sorry but that is THE most UNSUCESSFUL diet in history! :) I do feel like I have toned up so I am not giving up but still I want to kick that stupid scale!
    For now I am just going to try to keep exercising over the holidays and not get totally out of control on my food but not stress too much until after the holidays. My goal is not to gain over the holidays and then just try again in the new year...I mean everyone else will be tyring to loose weight with a News Years resolution...why not me too, eh?