Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Signs

I am thinking that the stars must be aligning for me to loose weight or something because all of a sudden I am seeing stuff all over about weight loss (or maybe I am just paying more attention to it now!)

I follow quite a few deal blogs and a few of them are having a 30 day shred-a-thon. You can read more about it Here. I did order the 30 day shred video from amazon(I used one of my $5 swagbucks amazon cards so I got it for only $3!) and I cant wait to try it. I will still be going to gym most of the time (since I am paying for it and they have daycare) but I think it will be good for the days I cant make it to the gym.

Oh, and one other thing I decided to sign up for was the "cat's 500 fitness challenge". You can see the button on the side. This is a blogger who lost 100 lbs last year. My friend did her summer challenge where everyone tried to walk 120 miles over the summer and I was impressed with her results. So, I signed up for the fall challenge. It goes till the end of the year and basically you just try to earn points by doing healthy things and if you get to 500 points by the end of the year then you are entered to win prizes. Pretty simple but just one more thing that will HOPEFULLY give me some accountability.

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