Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am really liking the food/exercise tracker on MyFitnessPal. It has been working really well for me so far (for the three whole days I have been using it!)

I really like that it's A) easy & B) free. I also really like that it spells out exactly how much of everything I need to eat shows me EXACTLY when I have eaten too much! I think it works really well for me too since it's on-line (it's kinda like facebook for fatties...stuff like that really clicks for me since I am kinda addicted to things like facebook and blogs right now....I know that you couldn't tell that since I am currently an author on no less than THREE different blogs right now!) I guess we will see the next time weight myself if it translates into an actual difference in weight.

For anyone who likes the good ol' pen and paper journal I found this one at Quaker. It looked pretty good (I found it on Quaker's facebook page. If you go there you can sign up to win a chance to meet Bob Harper from The Biggest Looser....but DON'T do it...I have already entered and I don't want any more competition...Bob is mine!)

Oh, and one last thing...remember how in the last post I talked about how the trainer at the gym said I wasn't getting enough protein...Well, according to the MyFitnessPal she was right. On my first day, I decided to try to up my protein. I tried so hard in fact, that for lunch all I had was 1/2 a dozen hard boiled eggs (ok, in hind sight, maybe not the healthiest choice but I really wanted to increase my time I will put them on a salad or something to make it slightly more of a balanced meal). However, even after eating all those eggs for lunch, I still was short on my protein for the day. So, there you go, something else for me to work on. MORE MEAT!


  1. have you tried a protein shake, or my sister in law even adds jsut protein powder (I don't think it is flavored or anything) to her yogurt. Good Luck! :)

  2. I forgot I was also going to ask you about the 500 thing. I looked at it for a min. but didn't have time to read it all so since you have tons of time (ha, ha)just explain it to me!