Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Month In.....

Well, I started this blog one month ago....and how much have I lost.....drum roll please.....NOTHING. NOPE. NADA.

I gained a pound and a half a few weeks ago and so far, I am holding tight onto it. Sad. (speaking of sad, pathetic things, did you know that when you weight yourself on the Wii Fit, if you have gained weight, and you dont want it to show that you have gained {thereby making your mii a little fatter}, you can turn the Wii off and it wont register the gain.? I did.)

Anyway, back to the flab at hand. So, I am not going to give up (yet anyway). I feel like I have gotten my exercise in a good place. I have a friend who meet almost every weekday mornings at the gym and we do the 9:15 am class (and even on Monday morning when Yoga is the 9:15 class, I still stay and run a couple of miles on the treadmill after Yoga). So I am feeling good about my exercise. It's my food that I have to be better at. I was talking to the teacher at the gym today and she it said it sounds like I need to eat way more lean protein (AKA...less junk). From what she said, it sounds like I am not eating too much...just not the right stuff (once again, AKA...less junk). So my friend says she tracks her food on and it will track how much protein, etc you get. So I am going to sign up today and see if it makes a difference. Hopefully I can get the numbers going in right direction (and I wont have to stop turning the wii off after weighing myself!)


  1. I am proud of you! It is so hard to keep going when you are not getting the results you want. I know you can do it, just stick with it.

  2. The one time I was really succesful at losing weight was when I did the curves diet. And it was that, lots of lean protein and veggis. split into six small meals a day. No bread and even no high carb fruit like bananas. It si doable and I think it is fairly healthy way to eat it is not as extreme as atkins or anything.